March 19, 2009

Adellyn's Blessing Dress

Hello everybody!  I am usually TERRIBLE at keeping things like this updated, but I think the combination of me being bored and my little girl kicking me in the stomach reminds me constantly that I should try and share my joy with everyone I can!  My sister, Aubrei, has offered to make Adellyn's blessing dress!!!!!!!  This is the one that Steve and I fell in love with the second we saw it.  Aubrei is going to make it in an Ecru color for me.  I think that the off-white color along with the pattern will make for a very nice, vintage-looking heirloom some day!  I just LOVE the dress!  Along with the name, Adellyn, that reflects on and honors the name of my great great grandmother, I love that this design gives the sense of a family heritage.  

Thank you for EVERYTHING, Aubrei !!!!

1 comment:

elle said...

oh that is so pretty!
(and way nicer than the ones you make in children's clothing)