September 16, 2010

Work of Heart GIVEAWAY!

Skye Hardwick is doing another GIVEAWAY/Sale!! HOORAY! Check out her website!

June 7, 2010

Ten Day Photo Journal - Monday


I took some cute pictures of Carter and his first real haircut. My computer lost all but three of them during my import... :'(

He has had his hair trimmed, but not a full haircut until today. He was adorable and kept trying to run the buzzer through his own hair.

June 6, 2010

Ten Day Photo Journal - Sunday


I went grocery shopping yesterday, and I saw these raspberries and remembered some of my fondest childhood memories with my Grandma and Grandpa. My siblings and I would spend the summers playing in their backyard. The MAGICAL fairy house, making flower princess dolls out of holly-hocks and toothpicks, playing 'Snow White' in the kid-sized 1ft deep stone well, mud pies, walking to the Idaho Falls Temple with Grandma, fireworks on the Fourth of July, and Grandma's AMAZING bed time stories.

Without fail, every summer, we would anxiously wait for Grandma's raspberries to come out. We would spend evenings picking the darkest red raspberries out of what seemed a forest of bushes taller than me. After all of our hard work, we would pour milk and sugar over the fresh raspberries and sit on the front porch as a family. We laughed at the dog as he chased June Bugs, we listened as mom played the guitar, and all the girls pretended to be the Andrews Sisters, singing "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy". I can't wait to grow my own raspberry bushes and pass on this tradition to my children and grandchildren......

Oh ya! PS, Today I got called to be a nursery leader! BEST CALLING EVER. : )

June 5, 2010

Ten Day Photo Journal - Saturday

Getting "Saucy" ready for bed
Please excuse his robe.... 'tis a tad bit small... :)

"Mr. Raisin Tippy Toes"
trying to crawl back into the tub to get his toys

"What the heck is this wonderful new discovery,
and WHY isn't mom taking it away?!"
He loves to look through things for some reason.
He was wiggling his toes underneath the toilet paper and giggling.

Egh.....SICK. Mom promptly put the camera down with that one...

Trying to use it as a step stool...Didn't work too well...
He just got toilet paper stuck between his wet toes...

Just liked his Ogre-ish reflection in this one...HA!

"Ok. Messy Toilet Paper Masterpiece - CHECK.
Now on to the Toilet Scrubber Toothbrush game!"
(Hence the end of the photoshoot)

....I LOVE seeing my cute little guy run around every night like this...BUSY BUSY BUSY!

June 4, 2010

Ten Day Photo Journal - Friday

Wow, one whole week! Seven days down, three to go...I'm really liking this. Maybe I should just continue for 346 more....

"I think I've got it!!"
Jaimee learns studio lighting patterns for portraiture...

(Short Style, Butterfly "Old Hollywood" Lighting = MY FAVORITE!!)

What better way to spend a Friday night than in a dark studio with creepy mannequins, known in the Photo Department as 'Chester the Molester' and 'Big Red' (whose eyes really do photograph RED)?! cheste

I loved today's assignment for Studio Lighting...Plus it counts as two assignments in one, as this is what I did ALL DAY LONG. My wonderful little sis was my model while I practiced my Lighting Styles + Patterns. It went something like this...
"Open Loop, Rembrandt, Butterfly, Split, Broad Style...oh wait...which one did I miss? *Meter, trip over light stand, re-meter, re-meter...notice hairlight is broken, tape, tape, squint, stick out tongue, hop in a circle on one foot*...voila! Make-shift hairlight! AWESOME."


Creeper? I vote YES. Chester with a hint of blonde Willy Wonka hair. Is it just me, or do you see a resemblance? Cousins maybe... hmmmmmmmm...Nah, probably just the same hair dresser. Depp is too handsome.

Now to end on a good note, my Oh-So-Beautiful best friend/sister in the Open Loop and Butterfly patterns I love so much....