June 5, 2010

Ten Day Photo Journal - Saturday

Getting "Saucy" ready for bed
Please excuse his robe.... 'tis a tad bit small... :)

"Mr. Raisin Tippy Toes"
trying to crawl back into the tub to get his toys

"What the heck is this wonderful new discovery,
and WHY isn't mom taking it away?!"
He loves to look through things for some reason.
He was wiggling his toes underneath the toilet paper and giggling.

Egh.....SICK. Mom promptly put the camera down with that one...

Trying to use it as a step stool...Didn't work too well...
He just got toilet paper stuck between his wet toes...

Just liked his Ogre-ish reflection in this one...HA!

"Ok. Messy Toilet Paper Masterpiece - CHECK.
Now on to the Toilet Scrubber Toothbrush game!"
(Hence the end of the photoshoot)

....I LOVE seeing my cute little guy run around every night like this...BUSY BUSY BUSY!

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