April 27, 2009

A New Semester!

Spring semester is here, and classes are looking good so far for the both of us.  The baby is getting bigger and bigger everyday!  She should be about 2 lbs right now!  She certainly FEELS at least two pounds (or maybe ten) heavy!!  I am loving my classes and my teachers.  This semester is not NEARLY as stressful as last semester, but it's still demanding.  I'm sitting in the Photo Lab right now waiting for my film to dry so I can get started on my processing.  I'm in an advanced Black and White film class.  It's supposed to be a 300 or 400 level class eventually, but I'm unfortunately not getting those upper level credits for it.  If I can just knuckle my way through this class, I can get started on the Color, Digital, and Studio Photo classes that I really want to take.

I have been in A LOT of pain lately.  I have a broken tailbone from an old snowboarding injury in 9th grade, and the baby likes to jump up and down on it.  I can barely drag my feet.  Sometimes, it takes me about 5 minutes to get up from the couch and walk to the kitchen....Just feet away!  Tylenol doesn't even dent the pain.  I yelp every time I take a step, stand up, sit down, lay down, roll over....kind of embarrassing, actually.  I have heard from numerous doctors that a regular delivery may be dangerous for the baby.  Depending on how the tail bone is broken, it could be affecting the birth canal and could hurt the baby during labor, or the pressure during birth could even shatter my tailbone.....meaning a Cesarean birth.  I have always planned on a regular birth, and I hope that I don't have to be cut open.  I'll do what I have to for my little girl, but I highly doubt that our insurance covers Cesarean.  I want to do a couple more photo shoots so I can afford to go have my back aligned an see if they can help me at all.  

I just shot a senior photo session this weekend, and I have a wedding to shoot this Friday and Saturday, possibly three senior sessions the next weekend, and the big one - Emily's wedding the weekend after!! :)  I still have to start making the video slideshow for their reception, and go to school full time.  As much as we need the money doing photo shoots, my body can't take it anymore.  It's actually really rough on my body, bending in half, twisting, squatting, and climbing up rocks to get the shots that I need, and all with a broken tailbone.  The pain was very gradual at first, but the bigger the baby grows, the more debilitating it is for me.  I think I'm going to call it quits after my last promised "job" on the night of the 16th.  I need to focus on school, baby, and getting packed!  We're moving mid-May!  I can't wait to get into the smaller apartment and be able to set up the crib and fold and put away baby clothes.  It just doesn't make sense putting the crib up now, and then moving one month later.

Steve and I are doing better, and we have started trying harder to make sure we say our prayers and read our scriptures daily.  It has helped so much with our nerves, and has helped us stay optimistic.  I applied last week for an Assistant Manager position for the new complex where we're moving.  If I get it, I'll keep it for as long as we live in Rexburg.  Steve is applying at Journey's in Rigby, where he would be assisting special needs adults and children.  Pray for us!!!!!!!!!

April 7, 2009

Tummy Time!

Steve and I have found a new favorite past time!  Every night, as tired as we may be, we play with our little girl.  She is most active around 2 am, and we like to lie in bed with the lights off, with the book light shining out across my belly.  It immediately makes all the baby's movements visible!  I just thought I would share this picture.  It's so cute to me to see Steve getting excited about the pregnancy, especially now that he can SEE the evidence that he has an active daughter in there somewhere.  (She paces almost as much as her daddy already!)  My belly is jumping at this very moment!  

"It's just a CUP O' DIRT"

We're almost there!!  I just gave my second to last (and most frustratingly scary) Project presentation.  It's a huge load off my back!!  We only have one more day after today.  We can do it!!  I asked for a blessing from my dad and Steve on Sunday, and I can definitely see the difference it made for my nerves.  I'm so thankful for what I have and for the wonderful man I managed to snag for my hubby.  :)