March 20, 2009

Shirley Temple's In My Tummy!

Today, something wonderfully adorable and definitely noteworthy took place.  As I was lying in bed this morning, staring at my stomach and waiting for it to jump, I noticed that Adellyn kicks in a very rhythmic pattern.  Upon closer inspection, I realized that she kicks, punches, twists and summersaults along with my heartbeat!  PERFECTLY in rhythm with it-like she's dancing!  First thing I imagined was a little singing & dancing Shirley Temple ... Cross your fingers!

At first, I figured that I was just imagining things, but I started staring at it closer.  I felt like my eyes were popping right out of my head, I was concentrating so hard!  What I thought was my heartbeat moving my stomach up and down was actually the baby!  I saw her hands and feet and head bumping my stomach in all different places, but ALWAYS ON THE BEAT!  I know I am kind of a nerd for noticing this and for being so excited, but I thought I would share my joy with all of you!!  :)

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