October 18, 2009

11 weeks and growing like a weed!

What to say? Carter is growing up SO fast! He has really started to show his personality! Here are some of his achievements over the last couple of weeks...

  • He is sleeping 10 to 11 hours straight every night > > WOW - mommy likes!

  • Just holding my hands for balance, he can stand for a long time! If I hold him sitting up on my lap and raise his arms above his head and say "BIG BOY!", he immediately squeezes my hands for support and stands up and squeals with delight. I love it!

  • He rolled over for the first time on Friday (4 times in a row, actually, then he got bored and wanted to move on to his stuffed Monkey friend.)

  • When sitting in his bouncy chair, he will bat at the mirror and laugh as it spins around, while grabbing on to his rattle with a death grip.

  • He started turning the pages of his monkey board book during story time this morning!!!

Even though he's growing up way too fast, I LOVE THIS LITTLE BOY!!

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