May 25, 2010

The adventures on Em & Me

Just some little tidbits at the end of a super fun photoshoot day with Emily. She was gracious enough to keep me company and be my model for my Studio Lighting and Color Photo classes.

- Thanks for all your help and patience!!

FUN FACT: These photos were taken at 11:00 pm on a cold windy day. It was pitch black on a seemingly deserted country road, and only a couple cars stopped to see if we were ok...

We laughed and shivered and talked about how we wanted to go wash our faces with our new microdermabrasion kits we just bought. Good thing Em came with me! I would have been a wanny and run back home had she not been there. It was kind of creepy searching for a barn in the blackness, let alone trying to get my manual focus just right. I thought I got pretty darn close for not being able to see the barn itself.....

I have awesome friends!

I LOVE the way this turned out! It looks somewhat surreal, with the trees blowing in the wind and the glow everything has due to the faint moonlight coming through the clouds, and the neighbor's dim porch light streaking across the field.
Who knew Emily was a ghost?!
She stood in the frame for half of the exposure and left while the rest of the scene behind her was burned into the sensor.
SCI-FI-ish? I think so!

Photo Specs:

Nikon D700
80 second bulb
Shots at 70mm and 145mm

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Kaity Hall said...

You're so talented. And a little bizarre. I love you goofy girls!!!